Exclusive: European release date and price for Code of Princess

As Code of Princess developer and European publisher Agatsuma Entertainment confirmed today, the game will be released next week on the 3DS eShop as a digital-only download.

“We will be releasing the title on 28th of March, next week, and it will cost 29.99Euro.”

The game won’t feature dual-audio and will only have the english voice track available in the North American release of the game by U.S. publisher Atlus as Agatsuma Entertainment clarifies:

“we won’t be able to release the title with Japanese voice overs.”

Additionally this means that the European release will neither contain the artbook nor the soundtrack of the North American release.

Publishing review:


  • European release


  • Digital download only
  • No dual-audio
  • Region-locked
  • No Artbook or Soundtrack

Overall grade: Bad

(This review only takes publishing and localization into consideration and is no review of the game itself)


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