One week after retail release: Sony is putting new game on PS+

© by Chunsoft

© by Chunsoft

In an unprecedented and shocking move, Sony announced just one week after its retail release in Germany that the visual novel Virtue’s Last Reward from developer Chunsoft for the Playstation Vita will be part of the next batch of free games for Playstation Plus subscribers. That means buyers of the game who bought the game at full price on its release date are now getting the short end of the stick when every regular Playstation Plus member will be able to download the game for no additional cost in a few weeks.

To add insult to injury many buyers still had to wait several more days, since Koch Media, the German distributor of the game, wasn’t able to provide amazon with the Vita-version of the game.

This all comes after the news that the European version of the game only features the Japanese voice track and that the German version will be and now has been released three months after the other European versions.


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