Will Tales of Xillia feature dual-audio or not?

The eagerly awaited newest entry of the tales of-series to be made available in the west, Tales of Xillia, is going to be released in just a couple of months.

And while we already know that the game will be coming out with texts in five different languages and first gameplay videos of the localized version have been put up by every major gaming website, the question whether the game will feature the stellar japanese voice track still remains a mystery.

Read everything we know so far on jrpg.eu:

At the beginning of last October series producer Hideo Baba gave the Playstation blog an interview where he had to say the following regarding the topic:

Many members of the PlayStation community would like to see an option to play the game with the original Japanese voice track. Is this something you’ve considered including?
Hideo Baba: I receive so many requests from foreign players for Japanese voice tracks in the Western version! However, there are some difficulties with the company and the voice actors. That said, I will be considering the feasibility of it.”

Only two weeks later he answered a similar question in an interview with the gaming site gematsu:

Recently, you said you were considering the feasibility of dual audio in Tales of Xillia. Have there been any developments on this?
[Hideo] Baba: I’ve been making efforts to include both Japanese voice-overs and English voice-overs. But with the Japanese voice-overs, it’s not just about data, but the licensing problems. But we are making efforts to resolve this problem.”

Another month later, a Namco Bandai employee posted a thread on the French forums of the company, which translates to the following according to a translation by a Gamespot forums user:

Tales of Xillia includes the English dub, but not Japanese track. We offer our apology to the fans who were waiting for this feature, but we have been forced to make this difficult choice in order to devote our resources to critical issues which directly impact the development of the entire series Tales of the EMEA territories.”

After this, no further information on the issue has been made public, with the exception of the following exchange on twitter with Namco Bandai’s UK branch:

So in conclusion this means that Hideo Baba is aware that many fans want the Japanese voice track to be a part of the final product and have requested this repeatedly and he was at least trying to work things out, but just one month after his second interview the French branch already seems to know that there won’t be any dual-audio option, which would make one wonder how much “effort” really went into trying to bring the western audience the experience so many fans wished from Mr. Baba in person – that is if the game really won’t feature dual-audio.

But in the end neither the English branch knows anything about this issue whole four months later nor has there been any other kind of official announcement aside from the French forums posting, so a ray of hope remains.


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