All Europe gets for a year long wait for Persona 4 Arena is an incomplete Soundtrack

© by Atlus

© by Atlus

It’s nothing new that Atlus isn’t really fond about Europe and its European fanbase (which will be the topic of a later article). In regards to Persona 4 Arena, the beat ’em up spin-off based on the popular Persona series, that meant that the game didn’t get published at first and also couldn’t be imported because of region-lockingunprecedented for a PS3 game and a new low point for Atlus.

After that it came clear the European publishers Zen United and pQube would publish the game in the neglected realm. And after numerous delays it seems that the already previously fully localized title will finally be in stores on May 10, a whole year after its original release.

To make up for all this trouble and the long wait Zen United and pQube promised something special as an extra exclusive to the European market. Turns out it is an “arrange” soundtrack, which basically means that it’s not the complete soundtrack. It’s not even clear whether the soundtrack will be included on a CD or if it is just a cheap, inconvenient digital version only.

What is clear is that the cover has been reworked, so that the soundtrack, which also will be available only for pre-ordered copies, is advertised and thus ruining the front cover of the game (fear not, as usual the German version.had already been ruined beforehand). What’s also absolutely clear is that the game has been out for almost a year in the U.S. and can now be bought on for 23,46€ and it will be more than twice as expensive when it will finally reach Europe.

Once again thanks for absolutely nothing Zen United, pQube and especially Atlus.


3 thoughts on “All Europe gets for a year long wait for Persona 4 Arena is an incomplete Soundtrack

  1. Just to be clear, there’s also this worthless digital stuff like some PSN avatars included in the pre-order extras, but really, who cares?
    And to be brutally honest, I’m a big fan of games like this or SMT:Devil Survivor Overclocked, but with the way the developers and European publishers handle those releases they could save themselves the trouble of releasing the games here at all as far as I’m concerned, I’m not going to buy either of those anymore.
    (This didn’t really fit into the article, therefore an extra comment)

  2. According to a website of station TV Games Brazil’s Tales of Xillia will have Dual Audio. According to COMPANY had a lot fans complaining.

    Site TV station:

    “Tales of Xillia with audio in Japanese

    Those who follow the work of Namco Bandai with the locations (for the U.S.) games of the series ‘Tales of’, a constant complaint from fans was the American voices that were put in the characters from the games. Always without any charisma (with rare exceptions), the work was far below that found in the Japanese versions. It was not just a matter of personal taste, since the excellent voice work that Square Enix has done with their RPGs Final Fantasy series serves as a great comparison. The same thing was bad.
    This time, Denny Chiu, one of the producers present at the Press Tour 2013, confirmed that the original voices will not be replaced by arbitrarily American voice actors in Tales of Xillia. “The amount of the original voices asking fans was such that we decided to leave the player with a choice of which to use voices,” he said. Better for us, for the first time, we have a location west of the series ‘Tales of’ the possibility of choosing original audio. “

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