A story of two JRPGs

Pixelated game cover

Pixelated game cover

The following article contains some quotes and sale figures for two different and still unpublished JRPGs – in Europe and Northern America that is.

Will you be able to guess which JRPGs are referenced and which one of them you actually might be able to play rather soon?

Game 1:

  1. “I wanted to like [Game 1].[It] is a proof of concept that’s a long way from being anything resembling a fun, full featured game. Don’t be fooled by the pretty Vofan art, [Game 1] isn’t worth your time or money.” – Grade: 2/10
  2. “To be honest, I was really disappointed with [Game 1]. The combat is broken and boring, the animation is choppy, and the characters are annoying and stereotypical; […] I would recommend skipping this game if it ever comes to the States; it wasn’t made for you.”
  3. “Don’t be fooled. Do not be fooled by people excited about this new 2D HD animation RPG, because it is so so terrible […] It’s a broken game, it’s a piece of garbage on every conceivable level.”
  4. Week one sales in Japan: ~32.000

Game 2:

  1. [Game 2] is one of the best traditional RPGs I’ve played in years […] If you have a Japanese 3DS, you should own this game. For those of you that don’t have one? Start sending [Publisher/Developer of Game 2] your letters demanding [Game 2] be released in English. A game as good as this deserves to be experienced.” – Grade: 9/10
  2. “This is easily my favorite RPG since Chrono Trigger […]”
  3. “I really liked the world, interesting battle mechanics, character designs, graphics, music – it’s all there. It’s the full RPG-package. It’s probably the best Square Enix Game since Final Fantasy X.”
  4. Week one sale in Japan: ~141.000

Let’s start with Game 2, since this should be a lot easier with all the hints given. First of all it’s a 3DS game, as the first quote states, and it’s by Square Enix. So it should come as no surprise that the game in question is Bravely Default: Flying Fairy for the 3DS published by Square Enix and developed by Silicon Studio an Square Enix. And based on the quotes and sales numbers it seems to be a great game. Too bad Square Enix has no plans on bringing the game to western audiences whatsoever.

That leaves us with Game 1.The biggest hint here is that it’s a “2D HD animation RPG”. If you add up awful reviews plus 2D HD animation RPG and take into account that the game isn’t available localized yet, you can narrow it down to Toki Towa – or Time and Eternity as it will be called in the fully localized version by NIS America.

So what’s really the point of this article? Basically to show that for quite some time the west has been missing out on some really really awesome JRPGs. Bravely Default is just one of them and don’t forget about Valkyria Chronicles 3, Final Fantasy Type-0 and the Trails in the Sky-series and so on. But at the same time there has been no lack of mediocre and below-average releases, such as Time and Eternity, every Final Fantasy XIII game, the Neptunia-series and the Agarest-series just to name a few.

It’s sad and frustrating to know that there are quite a few outstanding and excellent JRPGs out there, but that instead of those titles all we’ll ever see coming our way, are games like Toki Towa.

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Sources Game 2:

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