Confirmed: Tales of Xillia won’t feature dual-audio

It hasn’t been really clear up until now, whether Tales of Xillia, which is going to be released on August 6. in Nothern America, will feature the original voice track or not. Here is what Hideo Baba had to say to this previously:

“I receive so many requests from foreign players for Japanese voice tracks in the Western version!” and “I’ve been making efforts to include both Japanese voice-overs and English voice-overs. [… We] are making efforts to resolve this problem.”

But today he clarified in a new interview with Kotaku that we won’t see any dual-audio option in Tales of Xillia and none of the PS Vita titles are going to be localized either.

Kotaku asks why the U.S. version [sic!] of Tales of Xillia won’t feature any dual audio and this is Hideo Babas response:

“One other frequently-asked question: why don’t the U.S. versions of Xillia and other Tales games give people the option to play with Japanese voices and English subtitles?

‘Of course we want to cater to the hardcore audience,’ Baba said, ‘but I think it’s very important to cater to the more casual user who doesn’t want to just read the subtitles and wants to enjoy the game in their native language. I think for first-time users who pick up one of our games for the first time, I think it’d be a lot more of an enjoyable experience playing it with English voices.’ “

His answer is a confirmation that the localized game will feature only English dubbing. As a big surprise comes his reply to the next question:

” ‘So why not offer options for both English and Japanese voices?’ I asked.

‘We’ve definitely heard this feedback from a lot of our fans across the world,’ Baba said. ‘I can’t promise anything at the moment, but we’re definitely looking at the option. I can’t say which title it might be in the future, but hopefully, eventually, we might have that option available in one of our titles.’ “

In the previous interviews he was always talking about how he is doing all in his might to make a Tales of Xillia dual-audio release happening, but now it’s just that “hopefully, eventually, we might have that option available in one of our titles.”, this doesn’t even necessarily mean Tales of Xillia 2 or even any other Tales of-title ever.

Hideo Baba also recently promised that this is going to be a Tales-of filled year for the west. After revealing that Tales of Xillia is going to be English only and that neither Tales of Innocence R nor Tales of Hearts R are going to be localized, I don’t know about you, but I don’t really care anymore.


8 thoughts on “Confirmed: Tales of Xillia won’t feature dual-audio

  1. this is why I hate gringos! IF THEY PUT DUAL AUDIO IT WOULD BE GREAT FOR BOTH AUDIENCIES!! i’m going to buy it in japanese, even if I don’t know what the hell is written

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