This week’s publishing news

  • Tales of Symphonia and its Sequel Dawn of the New World will be coming to European PS3s in 2014
  • SEGA announced that Hatsune Miku Project Diva F will be coming to the European PSN in August and a demo will be available next week. A little bit of sad news is that only North America will see a physical release of the game.
  • Final Fantasy IV is now available for Android. The price tag is 14,49€
  • As announced previously, Ace Attorney Trilogy HD is now available on the iTunes Store. The first cases are free to play, the whole game will cost you 14,99€.

Getting Final Fantasy Type-0 localized

Final Fantasy Type-0 is another entry in the long running Final Fantasy series and an excellent game as well – at least according to review scores since nobody outside of Japan who isn’t fluent in Japanese (and most of those agree that Type-0 is awesome as well) wouldn’t know since the game never made it to our region – despite being completely localized.

But there is some hope left that we might get to play Type-0 sometimes after all. First is todays news that Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada resigns, which could mean that under a new CEO the company could rethink their localization policies. And there’s also Operation Suzaku, a project started by a fan in the style of Operation Rainfall which managed to get three JRPGs localized, with the sole intention of getting Type-0 in the hands of western players.

So if you’d like to play Type-0 go and take action, and show Square Enix that you care, so we all might be able to play another great Final Fantasy game again after all this time.